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Tian Founder & Managing Director at Monkey Melody, Game Music Composer, Sound Designer. contact me at tian[at]monkeymelody.com .

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  1. Al_Catraz

    Thanks a lot!
    It’s really an awesome song!
    Just wanted to tell you that i’m going to use it!
    Bye and good job!

    • Hi!
      So Happy, if this stuff is useful.
      just make sure that the requirement is put the “monkeymelody.com” on your credit.


  2. TheMisterLuigi

    I really like this theme!
    Also just wanted to let you guys know that I will be using this in a game!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

    I have to ask just out of curiosity, if you take requests? I am wondering if you all might be willing to make a sort of “Final Boss” version of this track? One that would suit the final battle of a game. Please respond if you are able. Thank you!

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