We are Monkey Melody.

We help organizations produce learning & communication multimedia.

Why choose us?


We use 10+ years of experience to research the best visual and audio mix for high retention.

Easy to Understand

We translate difficult concepts into easy and digestible knowledge bites.

Proprietary Method

We use our unique and innovative system to quickly create personalized learning content.


We create culturally and contextually relevant content for the specific needs of all learners.


We produce works that fit your audiences.

From regular videos to interactive media, here are the types of content that we have made for our clients.

Learning Videos

Communication Videos

Interactive Multimedia



We’re happy to grow and create together for everyone’s benefit.

Here are some snapshots of the experiences and views of our clients and partners in working with Monkey Melody.


We’d like to tell you a few stories about the people we work with.

Explore how we help our clients and partners in developing multimedia learning & communication for the organizations where they work.